Josh is the policy leader of the board. He works hard and stays focused on the needs and outcomes of our children and believes all of them can learn. Josh is a great ally to the children of the district.
— Don Samuels - Minneapolis School Board Member
I strongly support re-electing Josh Reimnitz to the Minneapolis School Board.  

Josh is an informed and independent voice for Minneapolis students.  Over the past four years, I have admired Josh’s dogged focus on student achievement and fiscal accountability.  Josh works hard to insure alignment between our goals as a school district and our resources.  Josh knows how to prioritize and students are at the center of all that he does.

As part of the mix on a 9 member school board, Josh is needed now more than ever.
— Carla Bates - Minneapolis School Board Member
Josh’s work on policy consistently models the role of the school board and its relationship to district effectiveness.
— Bernadeia Johnson, Former Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent
Josh is 150% about students. He not only hears them, but listens to what they have to say and gets it done!!
— Shaadia Munye, Student Representative to Minneapolis School Board
  • Ilhan Omar - DFL Nominee in House 60B
  • Judy Farmer - Former Minneapolis School Board Member
  • Pam Costain - Former Minneapolis School Board Member
  • Alberto Monserrate - Former Minneapolis School Board Member
  • Richard Mammen - Former Minneapolis School Board Member
  • Paula Cole - Minneapolis Emerson School Teacher and Richfield School Board Member