"Incumbent Josh Reimnitz merits a second stint on the board. [He] has worked on a new policy structure that would allow the board to focus more on governance and lay the foundation for an improved relationship with the administration. That’s especially important as the board works with its new superintendent."  The Star Tribune

I put students first.

When adults are worried about adults and putting their special interest ahead of students-facing priorities, I ask myself, "Is this right for students?"

As the only candidate who has been a classroom teacher, and who is working with students yearlong; I am deeply invested in youth development. 

I am fighting for equity.

I was the only board member to vote no on this year’s budget because it did not clearly identify the way it would target resources to the students that need it the most.

I am running as an educator who is here to serve our students. I've shown that I will raise my voice when things are off track and I will disrupt the status quo. 

I ask for your support, your voice, and your vote on November 8th.

"Josh has been one of the most constructive members of the school board and has been willing to be a voice for our kids when they needed it." – R.T. Rybak